If you're sick of seeing all the incredible vacation photos on Facebook, and you want to turn the tables, you must see this. While we've been getting small bouts of warm(ish) weather, it's still not shorts and flip flop weather that my body so desperately craves. I bet you didn't think it would be THIS cheap to get out of town for a little getaway. And better yet, it's a flight right out of Rochester, so you don't have to drive to the cities!




Atlanta, Georgia

Did you know that you can fly to Atlanta for just $186? Round trip flight. According to Expedia, you can hop aboard a plane the weekend of May 2nd for just $186. It is 75 and sunny in Atlanta today. Doesn't that sound AMAZING?


NCAA March Madness Music Festival - Show Day 1
Getty Images for Turner


Dallas, Texas

Another nice, warm getaway - Dallas! In May, temps will be in the mid 80's. Museums, parks, zoos and awesome nightlife. To fly from Rochester to Dallas Friday, May 4th and return Sunday, May 6th, it's just $196. Can't wait that long? Temps are currently in the upper 60's, and flights are just over $200 for an April getaway.



Cleveland Cavaliers v Chicago Bulls
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Cleveland, OH

Beautiful nature, lots of attractions and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not to mention, basketball!! It'll probably cost you more money to go to a Cavalier's game, than your plane ticket. But hey, it's YOUR vacation. For $188, you can get a round trip flight from Rochester to Cleveland May 16th - May 19th.

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