And there are videos and pictures to prove it!




This video was shot in Canvas and Chardonnay by After Hours Paranormal, and they caught dozens of different voices!


There are pictures, too!

According to Lisa Schneider, the owner of Canvas and Chardonnay, a customer took this picture with her phone. It’s easy to see the strange shadow visible in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.

Canvas and Chardonnay
Canvas and Chardonnay

“Back then, the tables were pushed against the wall at the end, so it’s not someone moving past that corner fast. It’s not a shadow, because as you know we have lights in the wall soffits, so the walls are lit, so you can’t really cast a shadow on the walls.


A little history on the building:

It was built in 1880. A man by the name of Ferris Alexander owned the building years back, and it’s rumored that he filmed x-rated movies there. He was convicted of 25 felonies. You can read more about Alexander here. 

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