UPDATE: Local Police Dept Warns Ghost Hunters Headed to Grey Cloud Island

I had never heard of this small town until I heard someone mention the name recently. Turns out, this place appears to be pretty haunted! This small town is called Grey Cloud Island.

Grey Cloud Island has a population of just 301 people. I find it weird I had never heard of it before because it's very close to where I grew up in the Twin Cities!

There have been many stories about Grey Cloud Island being haunted but according to Haunted Rooms some locals hate ghost hunters coming through and some even chase the ghost hunters out.

Grey Cloud Island was home to many Native American settlements in the past. It's now home to "Grey Cloud Cemetery and a large concentration of Native American burial mounds."

There's a long list of ghostly happenings that people have claimed to see according to Haunted Rooms:

  • In the cemetery, people have seen a former Indian Chief roaming around with a green lantern. Some say they just see the Chief, and others say they just see a floating green orb.
  • Some say when there's a full moon they can hear drums beating.
  • A white truck appears out of nowhere and chases visitors off the island, then vanishes into thin air. Some say the truck has no driver. Others say this isn't a ghost and is actually a local who's chasing ghost hunters out.
  • There's a group of 12 tombstones at the cemetery the all belong to nuns. If you walk down the line you can count all 12 but when you turn back around there won't be 12 anymore.
  • People have heard voices coming from nowhere.
  • Some have heard a woman screaming.
  • There's apparently a translucent man that people have seen carrying a rifle and smoking and wearing a red flannel and orange hat. One woman says she saw him just staring at her saying nothing and when she got in her car to leave she saw him sitting in her backseat.
  • One group that went to the island claimed to have heard a child whisper "don't come back" as they were leaving.
  • Some say they've seen a woman mourning the loss of her baby.
  • There was a person who drove to the cemetery and when they tried to start up their car again to leave it had lost all power. The car was pushed to the other side of the cemetery gate and it started up just fine.

Yep, that's quite the list of creepy things happening. I think I might have to pass on checking this place out! What about you?

Note: We do not encourage trespassing of any kind. Please be respectful and do not attempt to visit any private property without permission from the property owner. 

Source: Haunted Rooms

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