My wedding is almost exactly 3.5 months away. Cue the panic! Nah, I'm kidding, I'm keeping it together so far, but it's crazy to think that the wedding is sneaking up on us!

With the big day right around the corner there are a lot of things that still need doing and so I'm going to need your help over the next 16 weeks! I'll need help with things like cake flavors, what do to with my makeup, how to do my hair, all of that fun stuff, so get ready to help me in the home stretch of wedding planning with Wedding Wednesdays!

Ok, so for this week, I need help picking the jewelry I'll be wearing. I'm going to wear earrings and a necklace and I have some options picked out! So in the poll below I want you to:

Pick 1 pair of earrings.

And pick 1 necklace.

That's it! I would show you my dress to help you out but I don't want to run the risk of a certain person seeing it! So you have to trust me that any of these pieces of jewelry will indeed match my dress.

I'll reveal the winner next Wedding Wednesday a little after 12:15!

(You can click each picture to make it bigger.)


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