I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.

It's my favorite because of all the sports on TV, and it's finally getting cool enough outside where I don't mind doing yard-work again because I'm not constantly sweating through my clothes. It's actually something I enjoy doing because I love getting some fresh air and my daughter loves to watch me work outside.

But speaking of the weather, that's also why I despise it because that's when mother nature truly can't decide on what the heck to do. One day it's pleasant, the next it's 40 below.

My wife and I have lived together for six of the seven years we've known each other and I swear every time the temps drop below 60 degrees outside she immediately cries "It's time to crank up the heat!" Especially now that we have a newborn, she's insisted we constantly have our house at a balmy 72 degrees inside. Yuck.

I mean, if you're that cold then put on another layer or two and hide under a blanket. We've certainly got plenty of those around the house!

Of course, having young kids in the house has softened my stubborn stance on the matter in recent years, but how warm do you have to have your thermostat set during these cold winter months ahead?


Last year I went around the office I asked a couple ladies their thoughts on the matter:

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