If you’ve been on the Internet for more than five seconds, you might be aware that some people are pretty into bacon. Like really, really into bacon. Some Americans have been known to consider bacon to be its own major food group. A buddy of mine has stated that bacon is his favorite vegetable. So when it comes to one of America’s favorite meats, how much are Minnesotan’s into it?

That’s what the website Ginny’s tried to answer with their 50 States of Bacon interactive map. They looked at over 30,000 photos of bacon posted on Instagram and traced each pic to its state of origin. Based on their findings, Nebraska loves bacon the most, posting 132% above the national average, while Hawaii loves bacon the least (to be fair, they’re way more into Southeast Minnesota’s own SPAM). As for Minnesota? We love bacon only 21% above the national average – over half the total of Wisconsin’s 51%.

Maybe we’re just more into egg bakes General Mills cereals around here?

Source: Ginny’s

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