Winter is finally over after what seemed like an eternity! Spring is here. Warm weather is coming (slowly, but surely). While the change in weather is great for our mind, body and souls, it's not so great for our cars. The dreaded pothole season is almost here.

Pothole damage to your car can cost a fortune. Good news, you may not have to pay for it out of your pocket. If you hit a pothole on a state highway, MnDOT may be liable. Click here to see if they are liable, and find out how to file a claim.

According to the Star Tribune, the most common reasons state and local agencies give for rejecting claims are "that they didn’t know about the pothole ahead of time, or if they did, that they did not have a reasonable amount of time to patch it up."

What does that mean? If you see a pothole (whether you hit it or not) report it immediately to MnDOT. If you see the pothole in town we have an online outlet to report the issue - See, Click, Fix.


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