Every once in a while, we learn something new about our iPhone that has us screaming, "Where has this been all our lives?!" and that's exactly what happened with the latest space bar "trick" (or is it a hack?).

Over the weekend, Krissy Brierre-Davis took to Twitter to share an iPhone epiphany — one that alleviates all cursor struggles we have as a result of our "fat thumb." Rather than tapping all over the device screen to move the cursor while typing, we should hold down the spacebar and move it anywhere with our finger or thumb.

Turns out, holding the spacebar isn’t even necessary, it will still work!

TSM Rochester SM
TSM Rochester SM

Of course, the more tech-savvy (i.e. people smarter than me) note that this “trick” is actually a feature and it’s been around since 2015 with the introduction of the iPhone 6s. But based on the response, lots didn’t know about it yet.

This is the same as me finding out about an Easter Egg I'd missed in one of my classic video games... I mean, come on! Geez, I feel so stupid for not discovering this "trick" until now. Seriously. You’d think people would have figured out everything there is to know about iPhones by now, but then here we are... again.

Be sure and show this to your friends and family over Thanksgiving and then claim it as your own discovery like I will so you seem super smart. All those high-fives will totally be worth it.

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