There's nothing better than hitting a corn maze with your friends during the fall season.

Illinois has seen some pretty impressive corn maze designs in recent years. From designs that celebrate anniversaries to being COVID-themed, to sports, the possibilities are truly endless.

These mazes are so fun to walk through, but the only way to truly appreciate all their beauty is to take a birds-eye view.

First, let's talk about how they make these corn mazes.

One Illinois farm actually put out the call asking for design submissions for this year's maze.

We officially have a winner and a winning design. Congrats to Illinois High School Student Ryleigh Thompson who submitted the hand-drawn design. That design has been hand carved into the cornfield and it looks AWESOME.

The fun doesn't stop there though. Since the design honors healthcare workers, the farm is also showing its appreciation with some free admission days for all health care workers. Check out these details from their Instagram -

EckertFarms Instagram
EckertFarms Instagram

If you've never been to Eckerts Farm before, here's some of the fun to be had -

The farm also has a ton of fall fun events like the Jack-O-Lobber Show (Pumpkin Cannon) and "Billy Bob's Pig Races". Can't be pumpkins and pigs when you go to the farm!

If you want to go to the corn maze FOX details -

The corn maze is open Friday through Sunday starting September 11. Tickets range in price from $2.20-$16.50 per person and includes entry to the corn maze and other family activities. Eckert’s will donate $1.00 of each ticket sold in September to Friends of St. Louis Municipal School of Nursing Scholarship as a way to celebrate health care heroes in the area.

Find all the fun details here.

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