I think it's fair to assume that most of us genuinely enjoy spending time with our partners! But, according to a survey done by Just Right by Purina, half of women would rather do something else.

Since the company that did the survey is Purina you probably have guessed by now that this has something to do with our pets. You would be right!

Half of female dog owners that were surveyed by Just Right said that they prefer to spend time with their dog over spending time with their partner (or any other family member for that matter)! Man's best friend? How about woman's best friend!

Hey, sometimes a dog's presence is just what we need! I mean, in the survey they also found that 55% of people surveyed said that "their dog had at one time or another provided much-needed comfort after they had received bad news."


Other findings from this study:

95% of dog owners consider their dogs a part of the family.

65% of people surveyed say that their dog helps them de-stress after work.

56% of millennials surveyed (i.e. ages 18-34) say that they have bought their dog a birthday cake.




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