Way to represent the Midwest Maddie! At just 20 years old, the Clarksville, Iowa girl won the first season of the returned singing competition. Throughout the season, Maddie put her own spin on classic songs by The Beach Boys, Sinead O’Connor, and The Bangles.

The deep-voiced country crooner, Caleb Lee Hutchinson came in second and Gabby Barrett came in third. Just before the final results were announced, Caleb told America that he and Maddie are dating. Of course, the crowd went wild!

Just like in previous years, after naming the winner, they have them sing. I can't imagine having to sing after that amazing news. Maddie immediately broke into tears after Ryan Seacrest called her name, and had to fight her emotions to perform her song “Going Going Gone,” her first single on Hollywood Records. It was a beautiful struggle, and then the season's top 10 contestants ran on stage to hug her and chime in on the chorus.

Now the top 7 take off for American Idol Live! They will be touring across the U.S. all summer beginning July 11th.

American Idol has been renewed for a second season on ABC.

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