First, it was plastic straws, now it's balloons!

WCCO reports there are a handful of companies and states banning balloons now in order to be more eco-friendly! I'm all about this because I love being more eco-friendly when I can!

Clemson University is in the group of those banning balloons. They used to release 10,000 balloons before each football game (WHAT?!) but that is no more! The entire state of Rhode Island banned balloons all together!

Balloons can cause harm to marine life. So yes you can stop using balloons altogether, but Laura McKay of the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program told WCCO "we’re saying just don’t release them."

There are plenty of alternatives to decorate other than balloons though! Kenneth Lacoste, first warden of New Shoreham, Rhode Island, shared some ideas with WCCO: “There are all kinds of alternatives to balloons, a lot of ways to express yourself" such as posters, pinatas, and decorated paper. I would like to throw streamers on that list too!

For now, Minnesota is not banning balloons, but we'll see what happens down the road!


Source: WCCO


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