Fall has fallen and with it the new television season is upon us. And between our favorite old shows that have returned and a slew of new TV series that have grabbed our attention, it can be hard to get all that TV watching in. But just which TV show is Minnesota's favorite?

CableTV.com, a website that helps people find internet and cable TV providers in their area, recently put together a list of the top TV show in each state. To come up with their list, they pulled a list of the Top 200 TV shows from entertainment website IMDB, and then used Google Trends to pull data on each of the shows to determine which of them was more popular in each given state than in any other state. By using this method, they were able to make sure that no two states had the same favorite show.


And just which show ended up on top here in the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes?' Well, according to their study, we Minnesotans love 'The Simpsons.' Yep, evidently we just can't get enough of Bart, Homer, Marge and the entire Simpsons gang.

And what about our neighboring states? Well, Wisconsin seems to be high on 'Castle,' while Iowa loves its 'Two and a Half Men.' South Dakota's favorite show is 'The Big Bang Theory' and North Dakota prefers 'Parks and Recreation.'

So, what do you think? Is 'The Simpsons' really Minnesota's favorite show? Do you watch it? What show is your favorite?

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