Another day, another shop closes their doors.

And you thought 2017 was bad for deaths? Last year we saw beloved celebrity after celebrity pass away and after each one you just prayed that was the last name to leave us! Now, granted nobody here is dying in the literal sense, but with all these stores and restaurants going bye-bye it does kinda feel like a part of the community is dying each time, does it not?

I bring this up because once again we're having to say audios to a local business, this time it's Everything Hobby. According to Jeff Kiger at the Post-Bulletin, the 13-year-old Med City business has closed it's doors in Rochester and is instead choosing to focus on their Austin location near the Paramount Theatre.

After visiting the Everything Hobby Facebook page, it looks like they're still making the transition to the Austin store and consolidating everything, but they're also teasing something BIG is coming... So stay tuned!

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