If you love superheroes AND pizza, a restaurant in Minnesota was the perfect spot for a Friday night.  A few years ago, I had a chat with the staff at Galactic Pizza and was so excited about this place and how unique it is that I had to tell everyone that I knew.  The reason...the pizza was awesome AND it was delivered by superheroes!  Unfortunately, some sad news just dropped about this favorite spot.

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Extremely Sad Announcement by Popular Minnesota Pizza Spot, Galactic Pizza

My heart sank as I was scrolling through social media tonight.  A popular spot in Minnesota announced that they served their last pizza and are officially closed.

Superheroes, Amazing Pizza, and Memories of Galactic Pizza

Was Galactic Pizza the coolest pizza place in Minnesota? If you love superheroes, the answer is "yes"! Plug in 2917 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis into your Google Maps, and you will see where this popular pizza spot in Minnesota was located. They were doing more than just making pizza though...they were helping save the world! Sadly, they announced on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024 that they closed for good.

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Closing News Shared With Fans of Popular Minnesota Pizza Spot, Galactic Pizza

"To the Galactic Pizza Community:

We have made the difficult decision to close our doors, effective immediately.

Thank you to all of our customers, staff, and community for supporting Galactic over the years.

We are so grateful to have shared our love of pizza with you."

- Galactic Pizza on Facebook


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