My kids 💓 going to Thursdays Downtown!  If you've got kids, or you are a kid at heart, check out our list of favorite spots at Thursdays Downtown!

Kid-Friendly Activities At Thursdays Downtown

1)  Henna Tattoos - a few years ago there was only one vendor for this but now you can usually find a few.  These are very inexpensive and my kids (and I) think it is the best!  It takes a little bit to let the henna dry so keep that in mind on the age of your kiddo and their ability to "not touch" for a bit.

Cookies at Thursdays Downtown - Jessica Williams TSM

2)  Cookies - this is always our first stop.  Big, giant cookies and so many different kinds.  It is like a paradise for kids.  The booth is usually set up by the cupcake booth in the intersection by the Peace Plaza.

3)  Cupcakes and Caramel Corn - we have to combine both of these because, well, if we ate these every time I would have kids that would be super excited from all the sugar and would never calm down.  These are a "sometimes" food for us but Carrol's Corn is a great snack to take home and enjoy the next day.  These are also conveniently located by the cookies.

4)  Dancing! - lots of great music and bands playing during Thursdays Downtown.  Live bands play in the noon hour and in the evenings and it might get a bit crowded but there is usually some space by the stage for kids to wiggle a bit.

Yummy food at Thursdays Downtown! - Jessica Williams TSM

5)  Butterflies, Games, and Water!  - so many other great ways to have fun with kids in downtown Rochester.  If you missed the story last week of all of our other favorite spots where you can find monarch caterpillars and eggs, play some free games, or even let your kids splash in some puddles...check it out here at our list of 5 Fun Things For Kids To Do In Downtown Rochester.

If your kids (or you!) need a break while you are enjoying the fun...check out the colorful chairs that are by The Half Barrel!  There are quite a few and even a few shady spots where you can cool off with the kiddos.

What fun activities do your kids love to do in Rochester?  I'd love to see your ideas for our next list.  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.

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