This is NOT your average first time concert goers story. I made sure my daughter understood that because what happened to us at the Taylor Swift concert is SOOOOO unlikely to ever happen. My little swiftie did some research and helped me write 5 Tips To Get Into The Rep Room. To "stand out", I created a fun little poem that would direct Taylornation to our seats in case they were impressed or just really loved jellybeans. I mean they were Starburst jellybeans


So what happened? Well, first we got upgraded by a very awesome friend of mine from the nosebleeds in 317 to the FLOOR!! That was mind blowing and we were so excited to have an opportunity like this. While we were waiting for things to start we had made friends with the mom and daughter next to us. I told Maleah since we had all these bags of jellybeans, she should hand them out to the security guards in the area so maybe they would let her get away with standing on chairs later. She took it a step further and handed out these bags to nearly 20 security guards thanking each and everyone of them for their service. So sweet!

Because of HER kindness to them, a security guard approached us and asked if this was the little girl handing out jellybeans. I so thought we were in trouble. He said, we were so surprised and appreciative of her kindness that we want to bring her down to the pit (um, yeah, next to the stage) and we will bring your whole group. Maleah had told them this other mother and daughter were with our group too so spreading even more kindness and changing their night in a huge way.

We got to celebrate being at the Taylor Swift concert right next to the stage! Not only that Maleah was able to shake Taylor's hand as a result of being so close. You can't make this stuff up people. All because of a random act of kindness! You never know how your kindness can impact someone and what kind of positivity might come back to you! Be kind people!


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