ST. PAUL -- Despite Minnesota being the fastest-growing COVID hot-spot in the country, state health officials do *not* expect it means another round of COVID restrictions ordered by Governor Tim Walz.

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Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm.

We are not anticipating a peacetime emergency kind of situation at the present time. I think the governor has always said he never rules that out, but we very much think that... we have the tools to do what we need to do.

Malcolm says Governor Tim Walz has always said he never rules out another round of emergency orders -- however...

We're in a position now where, even as concerning as these case numbers are, we have the tools to do what we need to do. We just need Minnesotans' help to apply them -- and it's our job to make sure they have those tools readily available.

Malcolm contends the situation is different from a year ago because vaccines are available as well as widespread testing.

Malcolm says Minnesota officials are so alarmed about the continued surge in COVID-19 cases that they're ready to start allowing vaccine booster shots for all adults by the end of the week if the federal government doesn't approve them first. Other states are taking similar steps.

Malcolm says they need Minnesotans' help to use those tools -- and adds it's state officials' job to make sure the tools are readily available.

This story is courtesy of The Minnesota News Network.

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