There's nothing worse than being cheated on. The violation of trust is truly heart breaking. What if there was a way to know if a person would end up being a cheater before you started dating them...

Unfortunately there isn't a way to know.

But there are silly stories like this one from

Gleeden is an online company (created by women) that actually helps people cheat. They  surveyed 4,000 of their members to find out the names of people most likely to have a side piece, and these names were the top violators:

Names of women most likely to cheat:

1. Megan

2. Jessica

3. Amy

4. Olivia

5. Rebecca

Names of men most likely to cheat:

1. Nathan

2. Christopher

3. Charles

4. Anthony

5. Eric

According to a recent AP survey men are more likely to cheat.  22% of men admitted to cheating on their significant other at least once during their marriage, and 14% of wives admitted to straying.

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