If you aren't familiar with a Minnesota Martini you probably aren't from Minnesota. It's simply a light beer with green olives added for flavor, and it is freakin' delicious. Michelob Golden has noticed how popular it is and is now teasing a new olive flavored beer. On Facebook, the beer company posted a mock image of the new packaging with a message that said, "Trying to convince the CEO of Mich Golden to make this happen. They said if this gets 100K likes we’ll talk about it. Don’t let me down."


This is more than likely just a publicity stunt to increase their social media engagement, but who knows what they'll do if enough people like the post - Maybe they'd brew a special edition for a limited time?

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In other beer news:

Rochester's Thesis Brewery has closed for the time being, but you can still get their beer. They explained their decision on Facebook, "Due to the size and layout of our space, and taking into consideration the health and safety of our customers and our very small staff, we feel that it is best for us to move to a to-go only model at this time."

Meanwhile, LTS Brewery will host a cornhole tournament on Halloween to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Teams of two can register the day of the event.

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