A couple from Northern Minnesota was stranded off the coast of Norway this weekend on a Viking Sky cruise. The engine of the ship had died and a storm was coming, creating waves up to 20 feet high. I cannot imagine how scary that must have been!

The anchor was put down so they wouldn't move during the storm but the waves were tossing furniture and people around the ship. The waves were so high that it was getting on board too.

Because the water was so choppy the rescue mission started by lifting people one-by-one from the ship to a helicopter. Bring Me the News says that 479 passengers, including the Minnesota couple, were rescued this way on Saturday.

By Sunday morning the waters had calmed to tug boats were sent out to help get the ship back to shore in order for the remaining 436 passengers and 458 crew members to be rescued.

In a Tweet, the Red Cross said that the extent of physical injuries included "bruising, broken bones and cuts." Thank goodness nothing worse happened!



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