Call me crazy. But if you were to put together a list of people to call for help in this situation, I would think the original owners and/or the police would never make it on there - But that's just me.

You know what though? That's exactly what happened when a thief successfully stole a car outside a Walmart in Sartell, Minnesota, last Monday and then soon realized he couldn't restart the vehicle after he turned it off. That'll happen when you don't have the keys for it.

According to GO MN News, instead of calling the manufacturer or perhaps taking it into the nearest garage for assistance, he instead somehow called the woman whom he stole it from pretending to be someone from an auto glass company saying they were finished working on her vehicle.

He then asked her to call the remote-start company so "they" could start the car, and he would kindly return the car to her house.

She didn't buy it, and immediately called the police. He has been charged with one count of motor vehicle theft.

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