A third option is now be available to ID one's gender on Minnesota Driver's Licenses. M for Male, F for Female, and the new option X for non-binary people. The LGBT Foundation defines non-binary as, "Identifying as either having a gender which is in-between or beyond the two categories ‘man’ and ‘woman, as fluctuating between ‘man’ and woman’, or as having no gender, either permanently or some of the time."

Minnesota's Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division explained that applicants that choose to use the X mark do not need to provide any special documentation. A handful of other states including Oregon, California, Washington and Washington D.C., also offer the expanded gender selections.

The National Center for Transgender Equality applauds the changes, "Over recent years, many states have already taken action on gender marker changes, and if other DMV’s pursue these policy changes, it may mark a turning point for the security and privacy of transgender people."

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