There's a restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota that's supposedly haunted. The place is called The Lexington. It's a very nice restaurant on Lexington Ave. and Grand Ave. but you might experience some paranormal activity while you're there.

The Lexington first opened in 1935, so it's been around for 87 years. A building with that much history is bound to be haunted. Employees have said they've heard things, things have mysteriously gone missing, they've been grabbed by the arm, etc. And sure enough, a couple of ghost hunters say that they have proof that there is indeed a spirit in The Lexington.

Dawn McClain and Brady Jeunesse are the two ghost or paranormal hunters that were at The Lexington in October to see what they could find. They also spoke to KARE 11 about their experience. Dawn and "her cohort" have been doing this since 2006 and have done 150 investigations.

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The place in the restaurant where Dawn and Brady say they have evidence of a spirit is in an upstairs office that's apparently known to have some paranormal activity. They brought an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) device with them, hit record when they were in the office, they started asking questions, and when they listened back to the recording someone had been responding to them.

The good news is that Dawn and Brady say the spirit isn't dangerous, it's friendly. But because it's friendly that also means they didn't ask it to go away. So if you take a trip to The Lexington, say hello to the resident spirit that's living upstairs.

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