Minnesota has had the largest decrease in drunk driving fatalities in the entire country! Quote Wizard says from 2000 to 2017, the number of fatalities due to drunk driving across the country has gone down 18% overall.

Minnesota was the state with the biggest decrease but 43 states in total had a decrease in drunk driving fatalities. In Minnesota specifically, fatalities decreased by 60.09%. That's amazing! In 2000 the number of fatalities in Minnesota was at 213 and in 2017 the number had gone down to 85, which is a huge difference.

Here are the states with the largest decrease in drunk driving fatalities from Quote Wizard:

1. Minnesota: -60.09%

2. West Virginia: -54.72%

3. Alaska: -52.17%

4. Mississippi: -50.99%

5. South Dakota: -47.76%

6. New Jersey: -45.18%

7. Montana: -44%

8. Missouri: -41.2%

9. Pennsylvania: -41.09%

10. Louisiana: -40.11%

You can see how other states did HERE. Only 6 states experienced an increase in drunk driving fatalities.


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