We have quite a few Minnesotans representing us in the Olympics this year in Tokyo. It has been so exciting to hear about the medals our fellow Minnesotans have been winning left and right too! But did you know that Minnesota has some of the most Olympians participating in the Tokyo Olympics per capita in the entire country?

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The map below was shared on Reddit by a user named frankisasinatra. All of the states are color-coded by the number of US Olympic athletes per 1 million inhabitants in that particular state. The darker the color of the state, the more Olympians per capita there are. The data this Reddit user utilized to make this map comes from news station KXAN out of Austin, TX.

As you can see, Minnesota has 3-4 Olympic athletes per million people in the state. In total, Minnesota has 22 athletes at this year's Olympics. Other states who also have 3-4 Olympic athletes per million people are California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Nebraska, Indiana, Vermont, and Massachusetts. States with more Olympic athletes per capita than Minnesota are Hawaii, Washington DC (does that count?), and Colorado.

I'm sure that even if you haven't been watching the Olympics you already know that Suni Lee from St. Paul took home the all-around women's gymnastics gold medal! You can read that story HERE.

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