Who isn't a member (or at least you knowing somebody and has access to/borrows their account) to Netflix these days? It can't be many I can tell you that much. Netflix is as popular as rear defrost in vehicles up here in Minnesota and Iowa, and you can bet as the weather gets colder they'll both be used more n' more in the coming months!

So of course with everything Halloween happening now and the end of October, the people at Netflix have released a list of every states most popular Netflix horror series.

Credit: Netflix / reviews.org/trends/best-scary-netflix-series
Credit: Netflix / reviews.org/trends/best-scary-netflix-series

The key word is series. This does not include movies.

Netflix used Google trends by state to find the most popular, and found that:

  • Black Mirror was the favorite in: Maryland, California, New Jersey and New York
  • The Originals is popular right now in Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia
  • Hawaii, Nebraska and Iowa loved them some Devilman.
  • Shockingly, Stranger Things (my personal favorite) was only popular in one state: Utah... what?! That show rules!

And finally for Minnesota, our favorite Netfilx horror series is Darknet? Can't say I've ever heard of it, although I'm willing to give it a try during my week off next week once my baby arrives.

Do you recommend any of these series, or do you have one not listed above I should check out?

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