Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means it's that time of year where everyone's hairs on the back of their neck stand up from getting spooked for various reasons. People get freaked out a bit easier and their hearts and minds begin to race a little bit more.

Well the team at the home security site, YourLocalSecurity.com (YLS) released America’s top-searched phobias, and the results won't surprise too many of you. Their 2018 report shows that fear of spiders and fear of people came out on top - which is exactly what we're dealing with here in the Midwest.

In Minnesota, it was the fear of people, which is called Anthrophobia: The morbid fear of social situations. The fear of spiders, Arachnophobia, belongs to Iowa, which is the intense aversion to members of the arachnid family.

Personally I can't stand insects, specifically spiders, so I'm right there with many of you in Iowa. I've been known to freak out and run the other way whenever I see spiders in the house! My wife and I will literally play rock, paper, scissors on who has to kill it whenever we find one. I usually lose too... Ugh!

What surprised me was that North Dakota and Wyoming are the only states without a top-searched fear... Weird.

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