The calendar says summer is officially over. I and my fellow spooky fans are ready for Halloween and all of the other fun fall activities. One of the most popular fall activities, especially in Minnesota, is visiting a corn maze. Lucky for us, right here in Minnesota, you can find the world's largest corn maze!

This corn maze was on a quest to be officially recognized as the largest corn maze in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. But I'd say they got seriously gipped.

Orange corn maze sign with directional arrow

World's Largest Corn Maze

The corn maze is near St. Cloud, in Foley, and is called Stoney Brook Farms. On their website they say they're 'Minnesota's Largest Corn Maze', but they're being too humble.

In 2022, Stoney Brook Farms went for the Guinness World Record for the largest corn maze. The maze was 110 acres with 32 miles worth of paths, according to KARE 11. The only thing I can find is that they submitted their paperwork to be considered and... that's it.

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So I went to the Guinness World Record's website. For 2022, the largest corn maze in the world is in Canada. The kicker, though, is that this maze is 65.8 acres. Not even close to the size of Stoney Brook Farms.

Why the didn't win, I'm not sure.

Stoney Brook Farms Corn Maze

This year's corn maze is 35 acres with 11.7 miles of paths. Much smaller but still huge. And their theme this year is dinosaurs.

Don't worry, they have two different maze options that total up to 11.7 miles, the smallest being 3 miles long. They'll open for the season on September 13th and be open through October 29th every Saturday and Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM. They'll also be open the Thursday and Friday of MEA weekend, October 19th and 20th.

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