Cory Geis of Chaska, Minnesota continues to hope against all odds that his beloved three-year-old dog George is still alive and safe somewhere. Unfortunately, you see missing dog posts daily on social media, but this one definitely hits differently in how his dog went missing.

Back on February 18 around 1 pm, Geis dropped off his 2 dogs at Doggie Doo’s Spa and Retreat in Shakopee for the very first time to check it out for a 2-hour trial. He had never been there before and wanted to do a dry run before boarding his dogs there in April.

When he returned to pick up his dogs they brought out his lab when they realized George who is a brown pitbull terrier was missing. Geis helped the staff look for his dog and checked the security cameras to make sure he was not given to someone else. After a bit of investigating it came out that the two dogs were left unsupervised out in the backyard area as one of the employees went back inside to do something.

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George was able to climb over the six-foot fence and was gone. Somehow the employees had no idea George was gone until Geis came to pick up his dogs. Geis has had George for the last 2 years he adopted him from a Twin Cities shelter and is still holding out hope that he will be found. reported that the dog spa did post a message on their Facebook page apologizing profusely for this happening and have taken full responsibility. They also stated they have had their employees out searching for George and have contacted animal control and shelters in the area. Geis has posted a flyer online and around the area.

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