A Minnesota meat company up in Hugo, MN is known for their kind of crazy brat flavors. There are some that sound really good like sour cream and onion or bloody mary, but others sound seriously gross, including the one that made them world famous.

The company is called Grundhofer's Old-Fashion Meats and they were made famous by their gummy bear brat. Yes, gummy bears in a brat. No. Thank. You. But evidently, people loved it!

On their website, they share the story of the gummy bear brat.

A neighboring business owner had the suggestion to make a Gummy Bear Brat.  After the suggestion was rejected, he began sending his customers over to our shop to ask for them.  Grundhofer’s owner, Spencer, finally gave in and made a batch.  He acclaimed, “I made ’em. You eat ’em.”

We admit, we were very pleasantly surprised.  They were amazingly delicious! And the rest, is history.

How funny is that, that a neighboring business being like an annoying sibling is the reason Grundhofer's is known around the world.

And like they said, the rest is history. In other words, they now have tons and tons of bizarre flavors of brats. One of those being the caramel apple brat.

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The caramel apple brat just doesn't sound good to me at all. It's too weird for me, a brat shouldn't be sweet, that's just not my thing. However, people seem to love it, like the gummy bear brat. One review on their website from Katie says “The caramel apple brat is out of this world. I dream about it.”

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Other flavors that totally weird me out are banana cream, raspberry chipotle, and grape kool-aid. Sorry, I won't be trying those. But would you try them? Chat with me on our app and let me know!

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