I can't imagine what these parents and daycare providers were going through.

Sauk Centre Public Schools have a mess on their hands as one of their bus drivers was arrested Monday, shortly after completing his afternoon bus route. Turns out 63-year-old Thomas Bromen had more than a couple drinks before he began, and he blew a .16 breath-alcohol reading after he'd been reported missing a few stops, while even forgetting to drop off children at several daycare providers along his route. At one point, the bus was seen running a red light.

According to the story on GO MN News, Police reported Bromen having "bloodshot and watery eyes" and an "overwhelming odor of alcohol." He's facing three charges including alcohol-related school bus driving.

I don't know how I would have reacted if I found out my kid was aboard that bus. It's my hope he gets the help he needs so this never happens again!

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