I remember doing a lemonade stand back in the day. I would set it up for a day (more like a couple hours), and my grandma would help me make the lemonade. It was fun to do, but no way would I spend my whole summer doing it. Well, this kid clearly has the entrepreneur spirit that I lacked.  He is something else. He found his grandfather's old hotdog wheel and decided to make a business out of it.

He set up his stand in Minneapolis and was seeing quite the success until someone complained. Yes, someone went to the health department and complained about a child not having a permit to sell hot dogs. According to Kare11, instead of shutting him down, the city and several non-profits helped him get his license.

Recently Steve Harvey caught wind of the incredible kid and invited him on his show. Long story short, he was showered with amazing surprises and gifts to keep his business running successfully, including a brand new hot dog stand. Check out the video:


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