It doesn't seem like a lot each time you do it, but we Minnesotans spend a LOT of money eating out and grabbing a coffee each year.


From the Wow-It-Sure-Does-Add-Up Department, we have the results of a new survey from the gang over at Bankrate that runs down just how much we spend each year on what it calls 'financial vices'-- things like eating lunch out, getting take-out or delivery for dinner, or just grabbing a coffee on your way to work each day.

And, yeah, it adds up to a lot. Would you believe average Minnesotan eats at a restaurant or gets takeout or delivery 2.4 times a week, and spends an average of $19.58 each time? According to Bankrate, that adds up to about 125 times a year, and costs a total of $2,443.

Plus, when it comes to grabbing a quick cup of coffee or smoothie, THAT adds up too. In fact, the survey says here in Minnesota, we each do that an average of 2.5 times a week, at an average price of $3.72 cents each time. (Which seems a little on the low side, if you ask me.) Either way, though, that adds up to 130 times a year, and hits us for $484.

Add 'em both up, and that's nearly $3,000 a year we're spending. I see why they call the 'financial vices'! The trick saving yourself some serious dough, the story said, is to limit the amount of times you do either of things per week. Of course, that's easier said than done, right?

Seeing as I have to be into work waaay earlier than most coffee shops are open here in southeast Minnesota, it's not a huge problem for me. Good thing they didn't include stopping at a tap room or craft brewery for a beer, though-- my total then would be through the roof!

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