Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, located just an hour and a half northeast of Rochester in Jordan, is quite the tourist attraction, even more so after this makeover! The candy store now has a fairytale theme and it's really impressive.

There were seven artists who spent 1300 hours on a ceiling fairytale themed mural in one of the barns, according to KARE 11. One of the artists, Shawn McCann from the Twin Cities, told KARE 11, "'You think of places like Disney and Vegas and places that invest in themselves and will create a space that is welcoming, rather than just a completely empty space with product.'"

The owner of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, Robert Wagner, says he's working on a couple of other things at the candy store. He's also adding a 22-foot long wall mounted outdoor jigsaw puzzle and a 3D interactive mural.

Time to take a road trip, this sounds too cool to miss!

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