He utilized almost every second on the clock to get it all down, but one man can claim victory for Rochester's latest food challenge!

Credit: Derrick Chapman
Credit: Derrick Chapman

Earlier this month I caught wind of a brand new food challenge from Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza called the Ultimate Pizza & Burger Challenge. This almost 4-pound behemoth contains a carnivore pizza, topped with a 9” patty, topped with bacon and jalapeño poppers, topped with another 9” patty, topped with onion rings and shredded cheese and finally topped off with Kathy’s Arcadian pizza... UFFDA!

If you claim victory over this beast, it'll earn you a hat, a t-shirt and gift card to Twisted Barrel. If you should fail (which there will be many) then you'll have to fork over the $50 it costs to make it. Ouch... talk about adding insult to injury!

Well last night, owner Derrick Chapman hosted several brave souls at his restaurant who thought they could conquer the UPBC, but only one man walked away victorious:

You can watch the rest of the footage from this challenge on their Facebook page HERE. From what I hear, this feat shouldn't surprise anybody who knows Chris Barden. In fact, the challenge now has a new and more fitting name:

I'm just wondering if he ended up taking today off from work? I mean, I would...

If you think you can knock this monster down, be sure and stop into Twisted Barrel over Rochesterfest and also check out their newest menu items - you won't be disappointed!

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