Good thing we have one of the best hospitals in the entire country in town!

Besides music, Marvel movies and sports, I have another obsession that not many people know about: I LOVE Man vs Food! I could binge-watch that show all day, every day. Not only is highlighting some of the best foods in the country neat, but let's be honest, it's all about those massive food challenges at the end of the show! The biggest burgers, the sweetest desserts, and some of the hottest wings ever have all been featured this past decade on the Travel Channel with former and current hosts Adam Richman and Casey Webb.

I bring that up because as big as Rochester is, along with the surrounding area, I haven't heard of many food challenges that you'd think there would be. I mean, we've got Mayo Clinic in our own backyard in case something goes wrong! I'm joking of course, but then I noticed Twisted Barrel Wood Fired Pizza share an announcement of epic proportions last night on their Facebook page:

That's right, this 4-pound Ultimate Pizza & Burger Challenge is available for your pleasure (or anguish) right now. If you claim victory over this beast, it'll earn you a hat, a t-shirt and gift card to Twisted Barrel. If you should fail (which there will be many) then you'll have to fork over the $50 it costs to make it. Ouch... talk about adding insult to injury!

Owner Derrick Chapman, who's also a huge fan of Man vs Food, said he came up with the Ultimate Pizza & Burger Challenge at a graduation party last weekend. When asked if he's willing to try it himself, he said he already had and that "I ate a quarter of it and didn’t eat the rest of the day." Sounds about right.

Someone at my work already asked me what the calorie count on something like this would be, to which I replied: "Listen, if you're doing a food eating challenge like this I doubt you're worried about calories."

Considering this is a mano y mano challenge between you and the UPB Challenge, I'll probably sit this one out. I don't need my ultimate dad bod sooner than later.

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