My wife and I finally made the call to cut the cord over a month ago and we couldn't be happier with our decision. We were paying almost $110 a month to essentially watch the same 7-10 channels, including a few others so our kid could watch cartoons and/or we could catch our favorite sports teams. NOT WORTH IT.

Many cable companies nickel and dime you for just about anything they can as they provide entertainment to millions of households across the U.S. So while we decided to go with HULU and Netflix as our main sources of viewing, there's one thing that always the latter always had the upper hand when it's subscribers would binge-watch their shows: No Commercials.

However, if you’ve connected to Netflix lately, you may have noticed short 10 to 20 second commercials in between your binge. Some people are upset by this. While Netflix sees these breaks as "promotional announcements" for other shows, some users feel like these are essentially commercials that you can’t mute or fast-forward through.

Netflix responded to social media criticism saying they are just testing these announcements and you can skip them. It’s not known how many people are seeing these announcements between shows, but The New York Times said Netflix tests out all kinds of features all the time. Some are incorporated into daily use and others aren’t.

So while this can be seen as a new annoyance for your favorite way to escape reality, just be thankful they're not very long pauses. Besides, just use those extra seconds to run to the bathroom quick or to even refill your salsa dish... and quit complaining!

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