Jeff Kiger from the Rochester Post-Bulletin joins us from time to time to talk about developments in and around Rochester. This morning he shared the news that an East Coast doughnut chain is coming to Rochester. He wouldn't give us a name, but he did say they are interested in opening three to five locations in Rochester. Seriously, three to five locations?!? My initial thought is that this seems very aggressive for a city the size of Rochester.

I believe we have six McDonald's locations in town and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Does the city of Rochester love doughnuts enough to support so many locations of this new chain, in addition to all of the places that currently serve doughnuts? Maybe this is the best doughnut ever, and the company will be wildly successful. Time will tell.

Kiger did say the chain is known for made-to-order doughnuts. Customers will be able to walk in and request what they want added to their doughnut, whether it be extra sprinkles, more frosting, or any additional special toppings. Think Subway, but with donuts.

Stay tuned for more info...