One complaint I've heard about Rochester, Minnesota is that we need more "healthy" options for food.  We've got a lot of restaurants and fast food spots, in fact, a new McDonald's is opening up this week in the Med City, but more salads and healthy eateries were on a few wish lists.  After my walk downtown today, it looks like that wish may have come true because a new restaurant just opened up!


New Restaurant Now Open in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota

Remember where the old Mac's restaurant was in the Peace Plaza?  If you venture that way now, you'll see that something new has popped up in that spot.  Greens-N-Fresh is officially open at 20 1st Street SW in Rochester.  

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What's on the Menu at Greens-N-Fresh in Rochester, Minnesota?

I wasn't able to find a website or any social media pages for the new place but I did pop in to see what the new restaurant was serving.  Looks like they have the following on their menu:

  • salads
  • wraps
  • soup
  • smoothies
  • fried chicken
  • chicken and waffles
  • chicken sandwiches
  • and more!
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Wasn't OPA Opening Up in the Old Mac's Restaurant in Rochester, Minnesota?

Over a year ago, I was walking in the Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester, Minnesota and saw a few massive signs in the windows of the old Mac's restaurants that said, "We'll be OPAning soon!".  I reached out to the company back in July 2022 to learn more about their opening but heard nothing.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

READ MORE: OPA! Opening Soon in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota

Their website still says that they are opening soon in Rochester but just like before, it isn't the spot where the signs were located.  At this point, I have no idea if that is coming to town but I'll poke around a little bit and post an update over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - if I hear something.  Give it a follow if you want to stay in the loop.

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