You'll be able to enjoy 27 new food options at this year's Minnesota State Fair. I'm excited to try these Pepperoni Chips w/ Roasted Red Pepper Queso and this Carmel Corn flavored beer. Play it safe and check out the rides before you start stuffing your face. Wouldn't want you to make a mess.

There are rides for every age at the fair and this year there are 7 new thrill rides to check out. Here's a sneak peek video from KSTP:

The State Fair's website explains each new attraction:

  • Downdraft
    • Get in, buckle up and get ready to ride the airwaves in a supersonic spin at Mighty Midway.
  • Haunted Castle Dark Ride
    • Brave souls who embark on this darkest of dark rides will encounter two levels of animated spooks, sounds and lights. Constructed in Italy, this will be the largest traveling haunted attraction in North America when it makes its debut at the Minnesota State Fair's Mighty Midway!
  • Rock Star
    • Hop on board for a rock and rollicking good time on this exhilarating 360-degree thrill ride that spins to 60 feet high at Mighty Midway.
  • Super Frisbee
    • Nothing short of spectacular, this is the only traveling ride of its kind in North and South America. At 52 feet high, the gondola rotates at 20 revolutions per minute and free falls at 3.5 times the force of gravity. Experience it at Mighty Midway!
  • Twin Flip
    • Monumental, high-flying spins within spins – and in all directions – make this a unique ride in North America and a thrill-seeker’s dream at Mighty Midway!
  • Combination Carousel
    • This colorful ride takes tots on a spin merry-go-round style at Kidway!
  • Teacups
    • A calm rotating teacup ride amidst bright scenery and sparkling lights - at Kidway!

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