Parenting comes with a variety of challenges. One very common one is SLEEP. No, not that you don't get any because that was done the day they were born, but what if they just don't want to sleep?

My child has always been one that refuses to slow down. If he can get out of a nap to keep playing he would. It started with him crawling out of his crib, making a staircase of toys to climb out of the gate we have on his door, or just plain getting into trouble with things you thought would have no risk, like a bottle of lotion. Yup, the ended up all over the floor, walls, him, and just because.

And if avoiding nap time isn't bad enough, I could probably count on 1 hand the total number of months where I would consider him "sleeping through the night". He's 3. So late one night while I was in between putting him BACK again, trying to avoid his guilt trip, I came up with my own version of the Dua Lipa song "New Rules". It's my mom parody.

You know he's only CRYING 'cause he's TIRED and alone
You'll have to PUT him BACK again
You know he's gonna wake up in your bed in the morning
And if you're NEXT to him, You ARE getting owned by him

But for real, I get the "love cycle" where sometimes you just give in when you love them so much :)

Tell us in the comments about your nap time escape artists and non-sleepers! What do you do?