Yep, this really is someone riding a motorcycle in a panda suit.

It all started with a mystery. The Minnesota State Patrol first noticed this character on Highway 101 earlier this summer. They explained on Facebook that he struck again in August.

Just in case you were wondering, this is completely illegal. Funny, but illegal. Or is it?

That's up to the department, according to this attorney. He explains,

All helmets and eye-protection devices must comply with the standards established by Minnesota's Commissioner of Public Safety.

The only exceptions to Minnesota's helmet and eye protection laws are for those participating in an officially-authorized parade and for those riding within an enclosed cab.

Because helmet and eye protection standards are subject to change, it is advisable to check with the Public Safety Commissioner before taking a motorcycle out on Minnesota roadways."

My guess is that this was actually illegal since it wasn't part of a parade. What do you think?

Unfortunately, we probably won't be seeing him on the road anytime soon. The panda head was confiscated, and the driver was cited for doing this.

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