ParkMobile and the City of Rochester have teamed up to allow people that park in the downtown area to pay for their meters using their phones. Final testing is being conducted now, and you'll soon see the ParkMobile decals attached to nearly 1,500 meters in the downtown area. The public will be able to start using this service on July 12th.

I love this because I hardly ever carry change. Plus, if you get stuck in a meeting or you're having fun at downtown restaurant or bar you can simply add time to your meter without having to actually walk out to it. And don't worry about forgetting because the app notifies you when your time is about to expire.

Rochester Transit and Parking Manager Tony Knauer says, “Convenient parking contributes to a vibrant and healthy downtown. That is why we are pleased to be introducing this new option. Paying by smartphone has been very popular in other cities, and has also been shown to municipal revenue. It’s a win-win.”

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