With America more divided than ever, where can you turn to meet nice people who treat each other with the respect and civility that we all deserve? - Reader’s Digest

The Reader's Digest crew conducted a nationwide search to find the Nicest Place in America. They found amazing stories across the country, but Mower County was the only place in Minnesota to land on the top 20 list! 

Mower County is on the list for many reasons, but mainly because of how family-like the community is. One family has been paying it forward since they lost everything to a house fire back in 2010. The family, Gina and Todd Grundmeier, own a company called T ‘N G Plumbing. Because of all the support they received when they started their business and through their difficult time following the fire, they started a charity dedicated to renovating homes for the people who need it most. It's called Pay It Forward. Nearly 10 years later, their generosity has caught the attention of Reader's Digest!

A falafel house in Knoxville, Tennessee was named the nicest place in America for serving as a welcoming and safe place for people of every color, culture, and religion. Other places that made the list include communities that came together to help their neighbors after natural disasters, a town that has anonymous donors to send kids to college, and a city filled with volunteers helping people that got in trouble with the law. Click here to read more about the nicest places in America.  

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