A new study says being a mom isn't a full-time job - The data suggests being a mom is  the equivalent of 2.5 jobs. I agree. My wife is an awesome mom and she never stops. Below is a brief outline of her day and it doesn't include daily tasks like running errands,cleaning, getting groceries, kissing ouchies, changing diapers, cleaning up spills or settling arguments.

I leave for work every morning at 5:00 AM. By that time, my wife has already completed her workout. She gets up extra early to exercise because she literally has no other time to do it. She is responsible for getting the kids to daycare. She gets them up and ready all while preparing herself to go to work. Somehow she manages to successfully get them to daycare and herself to work every day. If this was my responsibility, I'd be late - a lot!

After working her full-time job she comes home prepares a delicious healthy meal for the family. If this was left up to me, we'd be eating frozen pizzas - a lot.

After dinner I always give the kids a bath. (I haven't screwed that up, yet.) But her work doesn't stop. She uses this "free time" to clean up the kitchen and pack lunches for the next day. After bath time we hang out as a family for an hour or so watching kids' shows on YouTube or playing games. Then we put the kids to bed.

She then turns her attention back to her "real" job. She spends the next 30-60 minutes finishing projects or preparing for the next day at work. Once that's done she goes to bed. But she isn't done for the day. She's up a couple more times each night getting milk or helping our son go to the bathroom.

Then the alarm goes off and she's up exercising again.

I'm really bad about communicating my appreciation but I am so thankful for her. I'd be a complete disaster without her and my kids would be eating a lot of crappy frozen food.

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