This Saturday, many of us in the Med City will be getting our St. Paddy’s Day shenanigans on – whether we’re Irish or not. It’ll be a long day of green beer, corned beef, and unfortunate dancing that we’ll definitely be embarrassed about the next day.

But if you’re planning on really indulging in Irish brews all day, you definitely don’t want to press your luck by driving. Cops will definitely be out in full force ready to hand out DUIs like beads at Mardis Gras. Lucky for you, we live in 2018! You can easily score a ride on your phone in seconds. Here’s a quick list of different cab companies you can try this weekend. Feel free to plug them into your phone so you can have a worry-free day of insanity. Just don’t forget to keep drinking water throughout the day. Total rookie mistake.

Ride Share Apps



Med City Taxi

Local Taxi Services

Med City Taxi: 507-282-8294

Yellow Cab of Rochester: 507-282-2222

Redi Ride: 507-282-5353

Are there any I’m forgetting? Let me know! Have fun this weekend, ya’ll.

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