We’ve been transforming our unfinished basement into a beautiful master suite one day at a time. We are finally on to the closet. A giant open and empty space that will be ALL mine to fulfill my high maintenance needs. (Well, and my man’s. But mostly mine…) The closet is officially done, and it cost me less than $200! 

I searched and searched Pinterest for DIY closet ideas. While I found a few that would work, the cost for the cheap-looking closet was just not up my alley. I wanted something unique! I have a huge obsession with antiques. I thought, what if we used old doors instead of that high priced wood that EVERYONE has?

Instead we found shutters (bi-fold doors) that we used as the main pillars. We found them at Restore, the store that benefits Habitat for Humanity. We also found the book shelf there. The shelves and base trim all came from Home Depot.

Total cost: Around $180

  • Shutters (bi-fold doors) $20
  • Rods $15 (including one that you can’t see pictured)
  • Book shelf $25
  • Shelf wood approximately $70
  • Trim $18
  • One gallon of blue paint $30

We also used a paint gun (sprayer) instead of hand painting it (brilliant invention, and well worth the money by the way).

Check it out here from start to finish:


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