In an ultimate sign of respect, one young man has been traveling the country to honor police officers with a sugary treat.

Tyler Carach's mission began two years ago when he bought a team of deputies some donuts to say thank you in his home state of Florida. Since then, he's handed out over 40,000 donuts to officers in dozens of states.

According to WCCO News, Tyler made his way to the Mall of America this past Friday and hosted Minnesota's finest from across the state for his “Birthday With The Blue” celebration - which was coincidentally his 10th birthday.

On top of all those delicious donuts and coffee, every cop in attendance who showed up also received a thank you card as well.

No surprise, Tyler would also like to become a police officer himself one day.

What an awesome story! His parents have done an incredible job and have raised this kid right! It definitely puts your faith back in humanity after all the horrific news from Manhattan, and even Texas this past weekend.

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