The votes have been cast and we've done numerous recounts. We appreciate everyone taking the time to vote in this crucial important poll. If you didn't see my previous post, cranberry sauce has been around for at least 75-years. My grandmother always served the canned jello version during our Thanksgiving meal. I absolutely love having canned cranberry sauce on my Turkey!!!


Several people responded to my status on Facebook. Some said they felt homemade was more healthy (I am sure it is) and preferred to not serve anything out of the can. Couple of people posted recipes, here's one that was shared. Us, canned cranberry lovers, are okay with the judging from the homemade cranberry lovers. Several people said consistency and taste was why they liked canned cranberry sauce. One person said "I love the shoop sound when it comes out of the can!" (I agree!) However, the voice of dissent arrived with "Both taste like cough medicine". (Literally laughed out loud reading that response.)

So. Are you ready for the results? Gotta admit, I was surprised by the final results. Kinda wish we had an electoral college over this poll versus the popular vote....








The final result is that the majority of people do NOT like cranberry sauce at all!

How is this even possible?

I don't understand how anyone could not like cranberry sauce! Why?!?! It just doesn't seem right. What do you eat on your turkey if you don't have any cranberry sauce?!??! ( I kid!)

Thanks again for all your votes. This was a fun poll.

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